Case Study | octobre 8, 2020

Dial gets clean visibility into the effectiveness of trade promotions with Numerator Promo Insights

Shoppers in 2020 are making fewer shopping trips than in 2019. With fewer visits to stores, shoppers are exposed to fewer promotions, so when they do go shopping the promotions need to be valuable and compelling. With this greater importance placed on promotions, brands like Dial need to show retailers the benefits of featuring their products, like body wash, on promotion.

Soap and Bodywash brand Dial leveraged Promo Insights, a new solution from Numerator that blends their Insights data with their Promotions Intel data to uncover the underlying context to observed shifts in purchase behavior when an item’s featured on promotion.

Download the case study to learn now Dial used this new solution to demonstrate the value of featuring their product on promotion to a key retailer by:

  • Identifying who was shopping at the retailer during promotion periods

  • Proving Dial promotion shoppers were more likely to repeat their purchase after buying on promotion

  • Quantifying the value of Dial promo shoppers using metrics like Buy Rate, Spend per Trip, and Purchase Frequency.