Stay on top of shifting Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Beverage buying behaviour.

The Beverage Buying Behaviour Tracker by Numerator offers monthly insights into Canadian consumer behaviour in the competitive BevAl market. It also provides a look at Nonalcoholic Beverages trends, adding context for shifts in consumer behaviour influenced by factors such as inflation, evolving health concerns, attitudes, preferences, and emerging market forces.
Last Update: 5/2/24

How are key metrics shifting for Alcoholic Beverages categories?

Consumer spending on Wine, Beer, and Ready to Drink Alcoholic Beverages is rising due to increased unit purchases. Fewer households, compared to a year ago, are buying Spirits, but those households are buying more units compared to the same period in 2023.

Is the Liquor channel capturing its fair share of Alcoholic Beverages purchases?

The liquor channel is capturing a decreased share of Canadian consumers’ BevAl spend compared to the prior year.

How is the Club channel performing among Beverages buyers?

The Club channel’s share of Beverages spend has also decreased since the beginning of the year.

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