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Quantify the impact of shifting behaviour on your brands— with a holistic omnichannel understanding of the consumers driving those changes.


Accurately track growth across channels, households, and trips.

Consumer behaviour is shifting, and beverage brands need to keep up. The Numerator Canadian OmniPanel tracks purchases made by 30k+ consumers across all retail channels, from Liquor to Grocery and Club, providing a 360 view of beverage buying behaviour alongside demographic and psychographic insights. With a robust and engaged consumer panel, you have the sample you need to understand light buyers, Gen Z consumers, and other emerging segments. Numerator’s omnichannel advertising and promotions intel provides the context behind holiday purchase behaviour, helping you drive growth during key consumption occasions.

Holistic understanding

Leverage 700+ psychographic and media consumption attributes, as well as verified buyer surveys, to understand who your consumer is, why they made the purchase decision, and how to reach them.

Omnichannel coverage

Each panelist is tracked across all channels, from Grocery to Liquor, giving you a full view of shopper behaviour in the beverage category.

Unmatched sample

The Numerator Canadian OmniPanel captures 10X more shopping trips per month than legacy panel providers, enabling brands to track new items, identify regional trends, and more.

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More Data Updates

Monitor changing consumer behaviours and sentiments on demand.

More Channels & More Products

Capture purchases of all product categories across all channels.

More Segmentation Flexibility

Configure custom shopper groups.

Top beverage manufacturers trust Numerator.


Numerator OmniPanel

To keep pace with fast-changing consumer behaviour, Numerator’s OmniPanel goes beyond traditional measurement to deepen your consumer understanding.

Top solutions for BevAlc & Beverage

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Numerator OmniPanel

Discover what you don’t know with more trips, more channels, and more consumer insights.

Promotions Intel

Quickly and effectively adjust your promotional strategy to better meet shopper needs in a market that is changing by the hour.

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Survey Insights

Leverage opinions from verified buyers of your brand— or competitive brands— to inform your strategy for today and tomorrow.


Rise Brewing Company

Learn how RISE Brewing partnered with Numerator Insights to show the value of their brand, their loyal consumers, and why they deserved to be on the shelf.



Learn how Diageo leveraged Numerator Surveys to combine full-service quantitative surveys, qualitative video responses and behavioural panel data to connect with verified buyers and get early product feedback for their challenger brand, Lone River Ranch Water.



Learn how MillerCoors partnered with Numerator to receive a customized solution that aligned sales data with promotional activities captured via Numerator Promotions Intel.

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Interactive Insights
Canadian Beverage Buying Behaviour Tracker

The tracker offers monthly insights into Canadian consumer behaviour in the competitive BevAl market. It also provides a look at Nonalcoholic Beverages trends, adding context for shifts in consumer behaviour influenced by factors such as inflation, evolving health concerns, attitudes, and emerging market forces.

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Canadian Consumer Sentiment Survey

Examine consumer economic & COVID-19 sentiment over the past two years. The Numerator Consumer Sentiment Survey was fielded to 1,000 Canadian consumers each month between June 2022 & December 2023. The results from the past 19 months are summarized in this report.

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Brands to Watch in Canada in 2024

This year’s fastest growing brands in Canada can be summed up in two words: small indulgences. Italpasta, a Canadian-made pasta brand, topped the list, followed by three beverage brands— Arizona, Red Bull, and Powerade— and Wish Farms, a berry supplier.

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