The comprehensive, omnichannel insights you need to capture your fair share of growth.

As shopper behaviour continues to shift amidst ongoing uncertainty, retailers need to keep pace— by leveraging real-time insight into how shoppers behave outside their four walls. Numerator’s Canadian OmniPanel provides unprecedented visibility into shopper sentiment and behaviour across all retailers, including Costco and Dollarama, and all categories and products, including Private Label, enabling retailers to craft their growth strategies.

Capture your fair share of growth

Identify how key shoppers behave at your store, competitive stores across all channels, and online to pinpoint leakage and discover areas for growth.

Keep pace with dynamic shopper and market shifts

Apply your segmentation to the industry’s fastest insights to understand how key shopper segments are behaving in near real-time.

Adjust your strategies to meet customer needs

Stay ahead of market trends. Identify the promotional characteristics that drive sales and understand the longitudinal impact of your promotions on verified buyers.

Reports that give you more.

More channels. More insights. More competitive edge.

Shopper Surveys

Survey specific guest segments based on real, observed behaviours. Need to target certain category buyers or shoppers that have visited a competitor’s stores? No problem! Trigger a survey moments after they make a purchase and get your summarized results within 1-2 weeks.

Retailer Share of Wallet

Analyze Share of Wallet and other key metrics for product categories at your stores and compare those metrics to competitive stores.

Lapsed, Repeat, New Shoppers

Identify which competitors are stealing shoppers and how you can win them back. Discover where new shoppers are coming from and what drove their trips.

Promo price planner

Adjust pricing for your upcoming circulars based on historical competitive pricing. Understand who won and lost pricing for each individual historical circular.


Go beyond demographics to understand what interests and motivates your consumers with our psychographic data. Quantify their price sensitivity, attitudes towards health and sustainability, and more to craft strategies that engage them.

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