Brands to Watch in Canada in 2023

Top “Big Brands” of 2022:

These CPG brands are household names, each purchased by a significant percentage of Canadian households this year. All of these big brands experienced an increase in trial in 2022 versus 2021.


  1. Cape Cod (Snacks)
  2. Planters
  3. Glaceau Smartwater
  4. Hunts
  5. Christie Crispers

Health & Beauty

  1. Tylenol
  2. Robitussin
  3. Cepacol
  4. NeoCitran
  5. Cover Girl


  1. Scotties
  2. Duracell
  3. OFF!
  4. Little Trees
  5. Liquid Plumr


Top Gen Z Brands of 2022

From better-for-you beverages to indulgences, Canadian Gen Z consumers made self-care a priority in 2022. Healthy beverage brands Roar and Fiji Natural Artesian Water top the list, followed by low-calorie sparkling cocktail Bulles de Nuit. Each of the CPG brands on this list were purchased by at least 5% of Gen Z buyers, were at least 1.5x as popular with Gen Z vs. other generations, and experienced at least 30% growth in 2022 vs. 2021.

  1. Roar (Beverage)
  2. Fiji Natural Artesian Water
  3. Bulles de Nuit
  4. Haribo
  5. Refresh (Eye Care)
  6. M’Lord
  7. Combos
  8. Barq’s
  9. Corn Nuts
  10. Truly Hard Seltzers


Fastest Growing Private Label Brands of 2022

Four of the ten fastest-growing private label brands of 2022 are Loblaws brands, though two Walmart brands, Great Value Organic and Your Fresh Market, rank in the top three. The following brands showed the greatest sales increase from 2021 while holding at least 5% household penetration.

  1. Great Value Organic (Walmart)
  2. Circle K
  3. Your Fresh Market (Walmart)
  4. Sufra Halal (Loblaws)
  5. Personnelle (Metro)
  6. No Name Naturally Imperfect (Loblaws)
  7. Panache (Sobeys)
  8. Carnaby (Loblaws)
  9. President’s Choice Blue Menu (Loblaws)
  10. Farm Boy (Sobeys)

These high performers prove to be brands to watch for in 2023. Fast-growing private label stand-outs and key CPG staples, among many others, will be paving the way looking forward into the new year. Interested in learning how your brand performed last year? Want to know more about certain competitive brands? Reach out to our team today to learn more.

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