Concern regarding world events dropped in December.

Concern regarding personal finances and health grew this month, while concern about world events dropped to pre-October levels. Overall concern regarding the economy and COVID both remained relatively flat this month.


Rising prices remain the top economic concern.

Concern regarding the economy remains high, with 62% of Canadian consumers rating their level of concern as 8/10 or higher. Primary concerns among all groups continue to be rising prices of goods & services, but all specific concerns dropped slightly from November.

Consumers remain uncomfortable with discretionary spending in November.

71% of Canadians say they’re uncomfortable splurging on premium items while 70% are uncomfortable taking money out of personal savings/retirement accounts.

Pandemic concern decreased in November.

Overall concern regarding COVID-19 increased slightly in December, with 23% of consumers saying they were highly concerned. Concerns around infection grew a few points this month as well.

About the Survey

This tracker has ended. Numerator’s consumer sentiment survey was fielded to 1,000+ Canadian consumers every month from March 2020 to December 2023. All consumers were active members of Numerator’s Canadian OmniPanel. The study was updated several times, including in June 2022 to incorporate new timely questions about the economy and to sunset some COVID-19 era sentiment questions.

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