Meet consumer needs as they change faster than ever

Comprehensively engage Canadian consumers based on health concerns, omnichannel behaviour, and sentiment.


Modern insights for a modern consumer

Leverage health, diet, and life stage people groups, deep psychographic and media insights, and omnichannel purchase data to deeply understand and effectively target your modern consumer. Numerator’s Canadian OmniPanel captures 10x more shopping trips per month than the industry standard across all retailers and channels, from Mass to Club to Dollar, to help brands build retailer relationships, successfully launch new products, and win back lapsed shoppers.


Omnichannel Panelists

Each panelist is tracked across all channels, which is the only way to understand switching.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our panel provides unprecedented visibility into behaviour across all channels and retailers, including Dollarama, Costco, and more.

Technology-Driven Speed

We can report within days, using % of HHs reporting.

Get more insights.

More Data Updates

Monitor changing consumer behaviours and sentiments on demand.

More Channels and More Products

Capture purchases of all product categories across all channels.

More Segmentation Flexibility

Configure custom shopper groups.

Over 400 CPG companies are growing with Numerator.

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Numerator OmniPanel

To keep pace with fast-changing consumer behaviour, Numerator’s OmniPanel goes beyond traditional measurement to deepen your consumer understanding.

Top solutions for Health & Beauty.

Promotions Intel

Quickly and effectively adjust your promotional strategy to better meet shopper needs in a market that is changing by the hour.

Numerator OmniPanel

Discover what you don’t know with more trips, more channels, and more consumer insights.

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Survey Insights

Leverage opinions from verified buyers of your brand— or competitive brands— to inform your strategy for today and tomorrow.



Learn how Waterpik uncovered rich insights into the preferences of Costco shoppers through a Conjoint Analysis and follow-up Instant Survey, helping them optimize their product bundle to best meet consumer needs.


Reckitt Benckiser

Find out how the RB team uncovered an opportunity to move faster, be more nimble and improve category insights by applying their Upper Respiratory shopper segments to the Numerator OmniPanel.

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Brands to Watch in Canada in 2024

Another year has come and gone, and in preparation for 2024, we’re looking back at the top brands of 2023 among key segments of Canadian consumers.

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Canadian Consumer Sentiment Survey

The Numerator Consumer Sentiment Survey was fielded to 1,000 Canadian consumers each month between June 2022 & December 2023. The results from the past 19 months are summarized in this report.

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The Inflation Factor: Canadian Consumers Prepare for Rising Prices

How are consumers responding to this marked change in the cost of the essentials they need and non-essentials they want? To gauge the degree of awareness and concern around the current inflation rate, we surveyed over 600  consumers.

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Our industry-leading panel is bigger and better than ever — going beyond omnichannel to give brands and retailers the insights they need to grow in ever-changing markets.

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