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The only on-demand tool combining psychographic data with demographics and purchase data

To influence consumer behaviour, you need to understand what motivates consumers. Psychographic tools humanize data by painting a picture of who your shoppers are based on their attitudes, interests, and opinions. Our innovative approach to psychographic segmentation and data collection through in-app MicroSurveys helps you understand one complete story about who your consumer is, why they made the purchase decision, and how to reach them – all within an on-demand platform.

Greater accuracy

MicroSurveys are continuously updated and automatically mapped to purchase data

Enviable response rates

Up to 85% response rate per psychographic topic, eliminating the need for look-a-like modeling

Deeper insights

500+ psychographic attributes and 300+ media consumption attributes to undercover consumer attitudes, interests and opinions

Connect with consumers

Get to know your shoppers on a more personal level with psychographics.

Psychographic segmentation

The collection of alongside purchase data allows you to create hyper-custom segments for analysis. As an example, people who own dogs, dine out often and cycle to work because they care about the environment. A deeper look into consumer psychology humanizes your data and adds rich context to purchase behaviour.

Get deeper shopper insights

“The Psychographic Report allows us to go beyond surface-level information like demographics, to really add depth and color to our various shopper profiles. The insights we gather from this tool are like nothing else we have available to us from any of our other vendors.”- Luke Custer, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

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