Report | November 16, 2023

Connecting Canadian Population Trends to Purchase Behaviour

Without last year’s record population growth— driven almost completely by immigration— Canadian brands and retailers would be facing a decline in sales, making marketing to Canada’s diverse ethnic populations a top priority for executives. And Canada’s population growth has masked another key demographic shift: generational changes, encompassing both the increase in older Canadians and the emergence of Gen Z and young Millennials as consumers with growing purchasing power.

In this report, we expand on the analysis featured in our popular Connecting Canadian Population Trends to Purchase Behaviour: New Canadians, Gen Z, and Aging Consumers webinar to provide an even more comprehensive perspective on the shifting Canadian consumer landscape. Download the report to review the research shared in our webinar, plus:

  • A granular view at each demographic group’s purchase behaviour across FMCG sectors and retail channels
  • How each demographic group’s deal seeking and shopping behaviours compare to the general population
  • Each group’s perspective on brand and retailer loyalty
  • And more!

Download the Report