Webinar | January 13, 2021

Insights on the Rocks: Strategies to Engage Canadian Gen Z Drinkers

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Winning with Gen Z is crucial to any brand or retailer’s continued growth. For Alcoholic Beverage brands in particular, understanding Gen Z is crucial— because Gen Z drinkers are less likely to buy alcohol than Millennials, and they spend nearly $200 less on alcohol per year.

In this exclusive webinar, Numerator Consultants Gordon Cheung and Kris Smitas will provide the insights BevAlc brands and retailers need to successfully engage Canadian Gen Z consumers, including:

      • Gen Z’s attitudes regarding alcohol consumption
      • Top reasons for limiting alcohol intake among Canadian Gen Z drinkers
      • How Gen Z currently engages with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage categories
      • Which categories Gen Z drinkers currently prefer— and which need to catch up
      • How Gen Z purchasing behaviours will change moving forward

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