Webinar | August 15, 2023

Canadian Retailers Get Digital: The Shift to Digital Flyers & Implications for Shopper Behaviour

Canadian consumers are promotionally driven: according to Numerator’s psychographic data, 45% check ads and 36% will switch brands for a good deal. Over the past year and a half, retailers have increasingly promoted via digital flyers, shifting away from print due to several key factors: supply chain disruptions, a need for cost savings, and restrictions on print flyers in some areas of Quebec. As promotions evolve and Canadian consumers search for deals amid record high inflation, brands and retailers, which both invest significantly in flyers, need to know how—or if— their strategies are working.

Join Numerator’s Brian Ettkin, Head of Strategy and Solutions, Canada, for an exclusive webinar exploring the Canadian promotional landscape and the impact of retailers’ shift to digital flyers. You’ll learn about:

  • The evolution of retailers’ promotional strategies over the past two years
  • Canadian consumers’ promotional preferences across key demographic groups
  • The present impact of paper flyers on Canadian consumers along their path to purchase
  • How increasingly digital promotions are impacting Canadian consumer behaviour— and if they generate comparable ROI compared to paper flyers
  • The impact of each promotional media type on shopping behaviour, including if digital flyers drive incremental shoppers to stores

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