Webinar | December 15, 2020

Unlocking the Canadian OmniPanel: Lapsed, Repeat, New

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The effects of the coronavirus have been widespread, causing some buyers to shop new retailers and lapse on others. Having access to these shifts have proven critical for brands and retailers to understand the changes within the CPG space. Watch the webinar for a 30 min overview to learn how Numerator’s Canadian OmniPanel can help you understand if retailers have gained or lost shoppers for certain products during the pandemic.

The webinar demonstrates how to use Numerator’s industry-leading Insights solution to answer pressing business questions, including:

  • How much have lapsed shoppers impacted trips to my brand or retailer?
  • Where are the shoppers that have stopped shopping a brand, or at a specific retailer, going to instead?
  • How does each shopper type affect trips and spend, and which one should I focus on?
  • Are lapsed shoppers still shopping in the retailer for other products?
  • Are new shoppers new to the product, or retailer?
  • Are repeat shoppers spending more or less on a category or product in the most recent time period?

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