Webinar | September 15, 2020

Unlocking the Canadian OmniPanel: Understanding Leakage

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Understanding how shoppers of a particular brand or category are shifting from one retailer to other retailers is vitally important for brands and retailers alike. For retailers, a leakage analysis can help uncover which competitors are stealing category share. For brands, it can help identify hidden opportunities with retailers or shopper groups, as well as refine your strategy with your preferred retailer partners.

To take your understanding of leakage to the next level, watch the 30 min overview on how Numerator’s Canadian OmniPanel can help you diagnose if and where your shoppers are leaking, which shoppers are driving leakage, and what you can do to address it.

We demonstrate how to use Numerator’s industry-leading Insights solution to answer pressing business questions, including:

  • Whether shoppers are buying your brand at your preferred retailers or somewhere else
  • Which retailers are best at converting a category’s shopper into category buyers within their store, and if there is a gap in retailer assortment
  • The impact of that leakage to other stores and which items are driving the leakage
  • How to create smart people groups to better understand demographic and psychographic differences between category closers and non-closers

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