Leverage a single data source that can provide clarity during these uncertain times.

Gaining a clear view of the consumer used to require purchasing multiple data sets, managing duplication and increasing costs. Numerator makes this process more efficient by providing access to the most representative, comprehensive, and scalable first-party consumer data set from a single source. Translation? We give you purchase behaviour, demographics, psychographics, media consumption habits, and more so you can streamline your data ecosystem and conduct more in-depth analysis so your business can win in this highly variable market.

Unlock with the power of Omnichannel insights from Canada’s largest consumer panel

Uncover previously unidentified insights with first-party purchase data uniformly collected from over 135K Canadian households, across all purchase channels.

An efficient, single source data set with the depth to answer complex business questions

Streamline data sources and achieve new efficiencies with a single data set that follows the consumer journey through purchase behaviour, ecomm, demographics, psychographics, media consumption, and more.

Access the industry’s most recent and complete consumer data set

Gain an omnichannel view of purchase behaviours from recent weeks or days, not months, with up to two years of historical data to identify trends.

What does two years of disaggregated consumer data get you?




Trips Captured


Retailers Tracked

The scale, depth and flexibility you need to win across all points of your consumer engagement strategy.

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Understand Your Consumer

Predictive Propensity Models

Localized Consumer / Shopper Elasticity

Demand or Consumption Prediction

Balancing Other Data Sources

Assortment Optimization

Synthetic Households

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Size the Opportunity

Behavioural Segmentation

Marketing and Promotion Activity Measurement

Personalization Analytics

Marketing mix modeling

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