Consumer behaviour is changing rapidly. Ask verified purchasers “why?”

With the current environment, your consumer base may be shifting daily. Numerator’s highly-engaged panelists and ability to trigger surveys based on purchase behaviour help you reach both existing and new shoppers faster than traditional survey providers and build strategies to be a trusted brand now and in the future.

Who you need

Leverage comprehensive verified shopping behaviours to reach your consumer, no matter how scaled or targeted.

What you need

Answer a broad range of business questions with innovative methodologies and tools.

How you need it

Integrate analysis into an automated insights platform with flexible service levels and products.

Reach who you need with unmatched access to qualified consumers and verified purchase behaviour

Target known buyers…

Find hard to reach groups like new purchasers weeks (if not months) ahead of industry

…based on recent behaviours…

Minimize recall bias by triggering surveys based on recent behaviours on a daily basis

…and track over time.

Enables deeper understanding of shifts in behaviours (ie: heavy, loyal, leaked and more)

Targeted Surveys for Deeper Consumer Insights

New item launches

Get new item feedback faster. Trigger surveys as soon as the shopper makes a specific purchase to understand in-store experiences and gather initial feedback about your product.

Powerful segmentation profiles

Classify panelists into existing segmentation schemes, or create new segmentations based on both attitudes and behaviours. Target and track their behaviours over time.

Shopper journey surveys

Access to the same panelists’ attitudes and opinions tied to their purchase behaviour and understand the key moments of truth on the path to purchase.

Longitudinal trackers

longitudinal tracker

Access thorough coverage of historically hard to reach channels to identify the value of category shoppers, measure market performance, and competitive activity over time.

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