See and hear from verified buyers at twice the speed of the industry.​

You can now ask the right questions and design the right research activities, using innovative technology, to get greater engagement and deeper insights from your qualitative research.

A full suite of digital qualitative tools to answer the right questions in the right way.

NuQual Media

See through the eyes of consumers using this fast add-on of photo and video uploads to your quantitative studies.

NuQual Pulse

Explore consumer sentiment over a moderated, digital exchange to dig even deeper into motivations.

NuQual Custom

Go deeper through moderated live or asynchronous touch points, like virtual in-depth interviews, focus groups and more.

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Target hard-to-reach, known shoppers based on recent behaviours, get high-quality responses from highly engaged verified buyers and track them over time.

Learn how Diageo leveraged Numerator Surveys research ecosystem to combine full-service quantitative surveys, qualitative video responses and behavioural panel data to connect with verified buyers and get early product feedback for their challenger brand, Lone River Ranch Water.
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Talk to the right people when it matters most with NuQual.

In qualitative research, you don’t need a lot of people — you need the right people. With Numerator, you can finally be sure that you’re hearing from the right people by connecting with our verified buyers. See their behaviours through photo & video uploads, talk with them through moderated digital exchanges or connect live with virtual interviews and focus groups.

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Our industry-leading panel is bigger and better than ever — going beyond omnichannel to give brands and retailers the insights they need to grow in ever-changing markets.

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