Which holidays will Canadian consumers celebrate in 2024?

Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve and Easter will be the most widely celebrated holidays this year, with an average of 73% of Canadian consumers planning to celebrate. Canada Day, Halloween and Valentine’s Day are the next most popular.

What will Canadian consumers buy for 2024 holiday celebrations?

Nearly all consumers say they’ll buy various items for their holiday celebrations this year. Food and alcohol are the top two products shoppers plan to purchase across holidays, followed by candy and gifts for select holidays.

How much will Canadian shoppers spend on their 2024 holiday celebrations?

Most Canadian holiday shoppers say they’ll spend over $50 on their celebrations. About a third of shoppers say they’ll spend between $50 and $100 per holiday throughout the year. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the holidays with the highest expected spending, with 60% of shoppers planning to spend $200+ on Christmas.

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