Webinar | September 9, 2021

Beyond Pride: Understanding the Canadian LGBTQIA+ Shopper

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In recent years, Canadian brands have increasingly debuted Pride initiatives and limited edition products during Pride Month. 80% of LGBTQIA+ consumers noticed brands and retailers honor Pride Month this year, but there is a strong belief that many brands have simply jumped on the Pride bandwagon to sell their products, not support the community.

To help Canadian brands understand how to engage the LGBTQIA+ community authentically beyond Pride Month, we surveyed Canadian LGBTQIA+ consumers and analyzed their behaviour across channels and categories. Watch Numerator Consultants Hannah Libot and Murali Subramanian for a comprehensive overview of the analysis, covering:

    • The LGBTQIA+ consumer’s attitudes and opinions on health, wellness, and social media
    • Which categories, retailers, and channels already engage LGBTQIA+ consumers successfully
    • How LGBTQIA+ consumers perceive brand engagement during Pride Month, and how brands and retailers can authentically show their commitment to the community

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