Webinar | November 9, 2023

Connecting Canadian Population Trends to Purchase Behaviour: New Canadians, Gen Z, and Aging Consumers

Without last year’s record population growth— driven almost completely by immigration— Canadian brands and retailers would be facing a decline in sales, making marketing to Canada’s diverse ethnic populations a top priority for executives. And Canada’s population growth has masked another key demographic shift: generational changes, encompassing both the increase in older Canadians and the emergence of Gen Z and young Millennials as consumers with growing purchasing power.

Join Numerator’s Brian Ettkin, Head of Strategy & Solutions for Canada, and members of Numerator’s Canadian Consulting team for a detailed look at the three consumer groups impacting the Canadian landscape and actionable strategies for brands and retailers looking to engage more effectively with them. You’ll learn:

  • The purchasing implications of new Canadians, and how Canadian CMOs should think about this key consumer base
  • The needs of aging Canadian shoppers and strategies for growth with this group
  • The purchasing behaviour of Gen Z and young Millennial consumers with forward-looking implications for key FMCG categories

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