Webinar | April 12, 2022

Insights Dine and Dash: Indoor Dining’s Impact on Grocery

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Throughout the pandemic, Canadian consumers have endured a series of lockdowns to lessen the spread of the coronavirus, driving a shift towards at-home consumption that drastically altered shopper and consumer behaviour.

As consumers venture back into restaurants, brands and retailers need insight into how their businesses will be impacted by increased out-of-home consumption. Watch the webinar, featuring Numerator’s comprehensive, omnichannel Canadian purchase data combined with Environics Analytics’ granular, current Canadian mobile movement (MobileScapes) and online traffic data (ClickScapes). The analysis in this webinar will:

        • Quantify the impact of lockdowns on Canadian consumer behaviour
        • Identify the risks and opportunities Canadian brands and retailers are facing as consumers resume indoor dining
        • Anticipate shopper and consumer behaviour shifts in year three of the pandemic

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