Webinar | July 26, 2022

Private Label: An Inflationary Inevitability?

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Over the past two years, Canadian shopping behaviour has been reshaped by a range of forces, from the coronavirus pandemic to inflation. While many Canadian consumers have resumed their pre-pandemic routines, inflationary pressures remain a top concern, prompting a crucial question for Canadian brands and retailers: have rising prices encouraged Canadian consumers to purchase more Private Label products?

Watch today to get comprehensive insights on the state of Private Label in Canada. We’ll answer your most pressing questions, including:

  • Has inflation driven shoppers to spend more on Private Label?
  • Which channels, retailers, and categories have seen the greatest influx of new Private Label spending?
  • Which consumers have increased their Private Label spend amidst inflation? How has inflation influenced their purchasing decisions overall?
  • Will Private Label brands keep their recent gains?

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