White Paper | October 16, 2019

Category Management Best Practices

As a category manager, ensuring your category excels can be a difficult task given the amount of competition in the market today – not only from other brands but from other categories, as well. Add all the nuances of understanding your pricing and print/digital promotions into the mix, and that task becomes almost herculean.

In this report, we cover best-in-class analyses that can help you effectively diagnose why your category performed the way it did, and what strategic shifts need to be made in order to improve your sales performance, including:

  • The role promotional share plays in growing category sales
  • Projecting the competitiveness of planned pricing
  • How to optimize promotional frequency without damaging your promotions
  • How competitive activity should inform your planning decisions

Note: This report references US panel data. To learn more about our Canadian OmniPanel visit this page or get in touch to speak to a Numerator representative.

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